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25 weird laws in different countries of the world

For law and order to be maintained around the world, rules and regulations must be put in place. However, here are some laws that are so weird, we wonder why they were even made in the first place.

1. It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore.

2. In Kenya and the UAE, it is illegal to swear or publicly make insulting gestures to a person, no matter how angry you are.

3. In western Australia, it is illegal to possess more than 50kg of potatoes at the same time.

4.It is illegal to drive without a shirt on in Thailand, no matter how hot the weather is.

5. In Portugal, peeing in the ocean is illegal.

6. In Italy, wearing squeaky footwear or flip-flops in public is prohibited.

7. In Colorado, it is a crime to put a couch on your porch.

8. Destroying Turkish currencies is a serious crime while stepping on money in Thailand is also prohibited.

9. Disturbing a wedding or funeral ceremony in Australia will earn you a fine and a ban from all social events in Australia.

10. Wearing loose swimsuits in France is highly prohibited, only fitted swimsuits can be worn to beaches.

11. In Thailand, it is mandatory to leave your house with underwear on.

12. A game of bingo must not last more than five hours in the USA. 

13. It is illegal to sing off-key in North Carolina and Belgium.

14. Voting in Egypt is a must, non-compliance attracts a hefty fine and even a jail term on some occasions.

15. It is illegal to run out of gas while traveling on Autobahn highway, Germany.

16. In Denmark, it is illegal to name your child outside the 35000 names approved by the government.

17. Driving a dirty car in Dubai is an offense as it downgrades the status of the city.

18. It is a crime to annoy a person in the Philippines.

19. Paying a huge amount of money with coins is unacceptable in Canada, they have too many coins already.

20. In the UK, It is illegal for a member of the parliament to die in office.

21. It is illegal to be fat in Japan.

22. In Belgium, girls must have a written permit from their fathers to wear a skirt that is 4 inches above the knee.

23. It is forbidden to wear heels at many Greek historical sites. This was enforced to prevent fragile historical sites from being damaged by the heels.

24. Any child born in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales must be able to spell the name of the town at age six and be able to pronounce it at age thirty-four.

25. It is illegal to wear wigs in Denmark.

There are still many weird laws around but unfortunately, we couldn't gather them all. Just for the sake of peace and harmony, let us try to obey these "weird" laws when we travel to the respective countries that made them. 

Please feel free to share your views on the weirdest law on the list in the comments section below.

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