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25 Members Of Same Family Died After Eating This Plant

The rate of poverty in Africa is alarming. As many families cannot afford to eat three meals a day. As such, many have died due to malnutrition. In this case, 25 members of same family have died after eating the food they prepared from the foodstuffs that they got from the farm.

According to the Guardian Nigeria, 35 persons have died from the consumption of a meal prepared with wild plants and fruits. 25 of whom were members of same family. It was gathered that the incident happened in the district of Muecate in Mozambique.

It was gathered that deceased had died after eating a local meal called Xima. Xima is a traditional Mozambican Porridge made from maize flour.

Although it cannot be fully ascertained if Xima is the real cause of death, but economic hardship in the country opens a possibility that it might be due to hunger. As officials have hinted that people in the region have been eating wild fruits, tubers and even wild grass due to food shortage just to survive.

So sad. What a lost for the family. May their souls rest in peace, Amen. What do you think about this? Who is to be heard accountable, the government or the wealthy ones within the region? Let's hear your opinion. Comment below

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