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Days After A US Army Was Pepper Sprayed By Policemen, See What Happened To The Officers Responsible

Precisely two days ago, a video which was posted by AJ PLUS on their official verified Twitter handle went viral after a US Army Lieutenant was arrested and then pepper sprayed by two police officers.

In the video, the US Army named Lt. Caron Nazario was pulled over because he didn't have a rear license plate but his temporary licensed plate was taped to the back window.  

This made the Lieutenant filled a federal lawsuit against the police officers in the US District Court in Norfolk as he accused them of violating his constitutional rights.

The two police officer being accused (Joe Gutierrez & Daniel Crocker).

Days after this went viral online, one of the police officer responsible (Mr Gutierrez) has been fired. According to the New York Times in a report made hours ago, after due investigation, it was determined that officer Gutierrez actions were not consistent with the department's policies.

In as much as police officers have to do their job, this one was way too much.

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