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Do You Like Eating Cow Skin? Health Experts Cautioned Consumers

Cow skin, popularly known as Pomon among Yorubas and kanda in Hausa. It is widely accepted among Nigerians. It can be eaten with Amala and delicious soup. Cow skin (pomon) could be fresh or dry. A fresh cow skin is always soaked and preserved in water while the dry one is a fermented type. It is kept dried by sun dry it or through smoking methods. Fresh cow skin (Pomon)is widely consumed by Nigerians. In times past, people don't really believe that cow skin also has nutritional value. This narrow belief is baseless . Thanks to the nutritionist, about 100g of boiled thick cow skin contains about 224.65kcal of energy, 6.80g of carbohydrates,about 43.9g of water,46.9g of protein.

However, as delicious as cow skin could be, consumers are warned by stakeholders in the health sector to always be careful when purchasing cow hide, this is because most processed cow skin currently being sold in the market contains dangerous chemicals that could harm human beings. It is brought to the fore that some dealers of this food item are using Formalin, a poisonous chemical to preserve it. Formalin is a 37 percent aqueous solution of formaldehyde, a pungent gas that is used as an antiseptic disinfectant, etc.

It would be recalled that few years ago, health Officers in Sapele, Delta State arrested some cow skin dealers for injecting chemicals used in the embalmment of corpses into the cow hide to make them look attractive to buyers. Also few days ago, news about importation of contaminated cow skin from Madagascar was casted on Noble F.M Radio. A Yoruba news version known as 'Gbankogbi Iroyin'. It said that a truck carrying contaminated cow skin was seized by the River State Government and it was handed over to Police for further investigation.

Also from another related and reliable source, toxicologists have also warned that ingesting any substance used for embalming corpses, especially FORMALINE, has grave consequences. Therefore,cow skin consumers are to be cautioned to always buy this food item from reliable dealers to avoid sudden death.

Please you have to share this article extensively to other people far and near to save millions of lives. I pray our choice of food will never kill us in JESUS name. Just comment Amen

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