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Opinion: Can Nigeria Survive?

If the events of the past few days have not alarmed you: the kidnapping of Greenfield University Students in Kaduna; abduction of University Students from University Of Agriculture Makodi; Boko Haram attacks in some parts of Borno and Yobe States, then you are either grossly insensitive or inhuman.

Nigeria is slowly moving towards anarchy while we watch with our eyes wide open. The ship of Nigeria is about to sink like the Titanic having struck the iceberg of insecurity.

Have Nigeria not become a killing field? An abattoir where human beings are slaughtered like animals mercilessly and with impunity.

I shudder to think what would happen should the blood of these innocent Nigerians like the blood of Abel cry out for vengeance from the ground that has opened its mouth to drink their blood.

Can Nigeria survive this blood bath? Can Nigeria survive the activities of the people who have turned it into an insecurity state? Can Nigeria survive when the blood of these innocent victims cry out for vengeance?

This a time for sober reflection. This a time for soul searching. This is a time for heartfelt repentance. This is a time to turn to God in sackcloth with ashes sprinkled on our heads.

We are making a choice and once you have made a choice, you cannot choose the consequences of your choice. I believe it is the right time to turn back before it's too late.

Holding unto our ethnicity, regional interests, political inclinations and individual sentiments are no longer of help to us. No matter what we think or believe, we are together in this country: North, South, East, West by Divine arrangement.

The Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914 was a Divine arrangement. And "what God has joined together let no man put asunder." Remember God hates divorce.

Can Nigeria survive? The answer lies with every well meaning Nigerian.

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