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Insecurity: How Our Loved Ones Die At The Hands Of Evil Men & How We Can Fight Crime In Nigeria

The nation Nigeria is a gifted and blessed one. Yet, the country continues to suffer unnecessarily at the hands of merciless men. They are men who would kill their children just to be rich. They are ready to burn down civilizations just to achieve their aim.

What bothers me, is the fact that they use the name of God inorder to commit evil. We understand that God is not the author of confusion. He will never be and he cannot be the author the wickedness.

Ever since the coronavirus became the world's greatest nemesis. Nigeria has suffered countless times, as many are no longer waiting for the pandemic to be over. They are already in search for their daily bread.

They intend to get what they want by fraudulent and wicked ways.

Several times people have been kidnapped, murdered, raped, abused on several occasions. One can only hope and pray that the evil ends on a fateful day.

It is a sad thing, that the government does not care for the needs of the people. We have only selfish people who will only pay people to vote them into power, sitting on thrones of rulership.

We cannot continue like this!

What kind of society do you want your children to live in?

The government today, only has concern for it's belly. It behaves as a snake that moves quietly to it's prey. It waits for the right moment to harm it's prey and take it's fair share.

What can we do inorder to bring about a safe society for us and our children?

So many people would always want to point accusing fingers at the government. Yet, we forget that we ourselves elected them into those offices.

So who else can we blame but ourselves.

Nigeria is constantly battling with insurgency, kidnapping, banditry and many terrorist activities. The rate at which people go missing, every day and every week is constantly on the rise. There is so much blood shed that the land itself feels like a grave yard.

The most valuable thing about life is 'man'. It is not good to take the life of another person.

The most surprising thing is that the bad events keep coming as if someone is deliberately planning it.

Basically, politicians need to learn to commit and fufill promises. It is not wise to make promises and then you abandon the people you promised to help. It does not look wise at all.

We cannot have a stable security system when those responsible for the wellfare of security personnel, abandon them like trash. If at all we truly want a safe haven for ourselves and children, we must consider them when we vote people into power.

To be honest, security operatives are not treated properly. There is always a problem with their welfare.

Many of them are not able to do their jobs because they are under equipped for the job.

Our security operatives are meant to be trained inorder to perform their jobs effectively. Yet, this is not how things are being done.

We are victims of our choices.

To be honest, Nigerians have really made poor choices when electing people into office.

What happens when the government cannot do anything?

There is nothing new under the sun. The way people behave today, is still thesame way people beaheved in the past. The only difference is the knowledge that is available.

The people keep crying for help. They keep crying to the government to save them. However, the one who really needs saving is the government.

If the government is corrupt, the work of self protection is left open for the people. They have to defend themselves whether the government likes it or not.

A government that cannot function is dead and is of no use. The best thing to do is to make good use of what you have. You must learn to protect that which is your own. No body can protect it better than you.

When the government cannot do anything, the people must definitely take matters into their own hands.

It is shameful that the government will not arrest kidnappers but they will arrest peaceful protesters.

The government continues to delude and decieve us that they are working really hard inorder to solve the problem of insecurity. Yet, we do not see the results of their hardwork.

We continue to see and hear sad news of people being kidnapped, killed, butchered like animals. How long shall this continue?

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