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The Story Of An Indian Man Who Broke Mountains Because Of Love

When you're truly with that special someone, you would be willing to do anything for the sake of love. This is actually the case of an Indian man who actually did something incredible because of love.

Everything was actually going pretty well for Dashrath Manjhi and his beloved wife until she fell ill.

Because they lived in a small village, they would have to travel to the next town, which is about forty-three miles away before they could see a medical doctor. Coupled with his wife's condition and the fact that there was no clear route for transportation due to the nature of their environment, he lost his wife to lack of medical care.

Inspired by the love he has for his wife and to ensure that no one else in the village ever lose his woman due to the unavailability of a clear route, he took it upon himself to fix that.

In 1960, Dashrath Manjhi, left his wage paying job to break down the mountains and make an accessible road. Because he was making use of local hand tools like hammer and chisel, it took him 22 solid years before he could break down the mountain that was blocking the route of many other villagers.

Instead of travelling for about 43 miles before one could see a doctor, the villagers now have to travel for just 0.6 miles thanks to Manjhi's dedication.

Before he died in 2007, he was given 5 acres of land by the state government and instead of using it for his personal gains, he still donated it, so a hospital can be built on it.

Can you make similar sacrifices because of love?

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