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Why Many Criminals Feel Like They Are Right, Even After They've Committed A Grave Offense

When someone is caught and being punished for making a crime, it is only normal if he/she starts feeling remorseful. However, there are people who won't feel guilty at all even if they're bad. Why is this so?

We all sort things out in different ways because every one of us has different solutions that we might come up with if we're facing a particular problem. This is kind of what makes criminals feel like they are right.

Ask a criminal that have committed a grave offence why he did it, and listen to him tell you great reasons why he committed the crime. If the criminal is persuasive enough, you might end up believing in his purpose.

This is why terrorist group leaders, and other insurgents manage to have a lot of men under them. These are men that are fascinated by what is bring pursued, and they end up going for the wrong thing.

Criminals are not criminals from their perspective. But in reality, the moment they became criminals was when they concluded that they are right without caring how their decisions are going to affect people around them.

The moment someone start disregarding other people's feelings because he thinks he is right, he is less likely to feel any remorse even when he has committed grave offenses.

For example, some terrorists feel like they should kill in order to prove their point to people, and some mass murderers feel like they should kill because people are too much in their area. To them, they are not wrong.

Being a criminal like this does not start when you finally kill or harm a person because you want to prove a point. It starts when you start doing things without caring how it will negatively affect other people.

Some criminals even smile when they are about to be killed for a grave offence because they feel like they have fulfilled their purpose.

Psychologists should be contacted for people like this in order to know where the problem is coming from and how to fix it. Psychologists are known for the way they connect with your mind and help you improve your thoughts.

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