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Opinion: 3 Ways The Increasing Cases Of Kidnapping Can Be Curbed In Nigeria

The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is ever increasing and it has been happening for a while in the country. The ever increasing rates of issues like kidnapping and banditry in the country are at an alarming rate. However, several factors must have prompted several Nigerians to decide to embark on kidnapping or banditry. Though, solutions are needed to be attained to stop the problem which has to turn out to be a societal problem in the country.

In every society, the peaceful existence of citizens in the society is essential to make many people live in peace without fear of their life being shattered.

The issue of insecurity needs solutions that are meant to be attained. Citizens of the society need to stay at peace and if an issue like kidnapping and banditry in the country is curbed insecurity can be dealt with to the lowest level.

Today let's highlight three factors that can be of help in solving the issue of kidnapping in Nigeria.


Lack of employment by a good number of young and old in the society could trigger many to get themselves into a whole lot of criminal activity or one or two criminal related activity. The rate of crime in Nigeria is ever-increasing and the case of Kidnapping has been a life threat to many in society. A Nigerian who has a good-paying job will not venture into any criminal related activity because he or she will believe he is acquiring sustainable cash legally.

However, the issue of unemployment seems not to be a problem of today but if empowerment programmes are placed forward by the government it will serve as a way to make a livelihood. A person who is making an awesome livelihood for himself will never go close to any criminal activity or will barely think of engaging in the kidnapping of people to make a living.

Strengthening Our Weak Judicial System.

The issue of seeing several citizens in a society coming out to kidnap people in society is a crime that has been happening far back in our societies. However, it never seems to be decreasing or been curbed. The Judicial system might be weak and if effectiveness comes in place to the justice that is been given to whosoever that is caught kidnapping it will surely serve as a lesson for many who are attempting to kidnap or those that are practically into the crime.

Tackling Corruption

If corruption can be tackled to the minimal level in Nigeria kidnapping will be one of the crimes that will be hardly heard of. Most of these criminals who involve in kidnapping innocent citizens are practically doing the crime because they believe they can go scout free if eventually they are been caught. So, if corruption is death with and every government official or worker does their day-to-day activity with integrity I believe a step has been taken to stop the issue of kidnapping in Nigeria.

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