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5 reasons why Nigeria needs a man like Akinwumi Adesina

The joy of every nation is it's ability to develop without hindrance and make sure, there is plenty of food for it's citizens to live on. An average man believes his suffering is limited as long as he has food on the table at any time he wants. When we talk about the survival of a nation, the first thing we look at is the agriculture sector and how well it is performing to provide for the citizens. The grassroot of Nigeria's food problem started with the negligence of the agriculture and a shift of focus to other sectors. That action has caused Nigeria a lot as it now tops the list of countries with the highest importation of rice and sadly, this is one thing we can grow enough to go round the country.

If there is any man who knows how to put this situation under control, it should be Akinwumi Adesina, the man with more than enough capabilities to turn the county around beginning with the area of his specialization which is the agriculture sector. Based on his records as minister of agriculture, he actuality set the path for a smooth running process for the development of agriculture in Nigeria. At this point in time with Nigeria facing challenges with not more than enough to feed the country, we need a man like Adesina to come to the rescue. Nigeria needs Akinwumi Adesina for these three major reasons.

1. To cut down the food price so that it can be affordable for all

2. To boost local production and reduce food importation so that more money is reserved

3. To create job opportunities in the agriculture sector and beyond.

4. To reduce the rate of borrowing from world bank and China.

5. To make Nigeria a major exporter of food products and increase the revenue of the nation.

If we must survive this challenges we are currently facing, we must go back to the grassroots and tackle the issues only then we can triumph.

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