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Inspiring Moment As This Almajiri Child Celebrates Nigeria's independence [PHOTOS]

Almajiri according to Wikipedia is a system of Islamic education practiced in northern Nigeria and it is also the name for a young boy who is taught within this system, the system is called Almajiranci, the male gender seeking Islam knowledge is called the Almajiri. Some pictures of inspiring moment as this young almajiri child celebrates Nigeria's independence with amazing outfit.

The pictures of this Almajiri goes viral on Facebook, the pictures really inspired some other Nigerians to show their own support and celebrate independence.

A lot of people keep talking about the pictures of this Almajiri child, some people thought he shouldn't have relaxed snapping pictures, he should have go and look for food to eat, while other people were really inspired with what he did, they called him a true Nigerian.

Despite all the hardships in Almajiri system, the young boy looks very happy as he celebrate Nigeria's independence.

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