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State of emergency in S. E: Why Igbokwe's TOUGH LOVE for his people will be misunderstood.

Given the budding insecurity in the southeast, especially Anambra state, Joe Igbokwe has called for a state of emergency to be declared in the southeast.

Igbokwe (

Joe Igbokwe works for Lagos State, where he is in charge of drainages. He however, appears to also function as a publicist and imagemaker for the APC, defending the party at every turn.


It will be an understatement to say that the majority of Igbos see him as a sellout because of his views and how he gives them, especially regarding IPOB. When it comes to acts of insecurity in the southeast, Igbokwe will always blame the IPOB and their cohorts, and his claims are all documented.

So, him calling for a state of emergency in the southeast makes one wonder, is it because he cares about the southeast, or he wants an opportunity to stop the IPOB given the complications involving the group.


With the level of carnage in the northern part of Nigeria, Kaduna and the rest, no state of emergency has been recommended by the likes of Igbokwe. Does this mean he cares more about his region or he wants his suspects checkmated?.

State of emergency actually has a lot to it. During a state of emergency, constitutional law is somewhat suspended, and the government can use whatever means necessary to regain control. This means weeks or even months of torturous existence for people in the region. Heavy law enforcement presence will make movements uneasy, with thorough searches every now and then, even movement is also restricted.This is why it is declared as a last resort, when the government needs to regain lost control. This does not describe the southeast as much as it does the north, so why not the north also?.

The state of emergency is nonetheless right, in that the people will at least be protected, from unnecessary acts of violence by nameless and faceless individuals who seek to destabilize the region. It is however unfair that this "tough love" is recommended for the southeast alone.

Map of Nigeria showing all the regions (

The governors of the southeast have not yet given up, neither are they incompetent, or are they?

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