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"I Aided Benue Robbery Kingpin, Gana With Charms Made From Human Parts"- Chief Priest Confesses

The man accepted to be the brains behind the acclaimed supernatural powers of the late famous kidnapper and militia Leader in Benue State known as Gana, Mr Ugbe Lorlumun, has been captured by the police. 

Lorlumun had acquired Gana's gang after the latter's passing and had carried on as the leader until soldiers captured him in Katsina Ala, the old neighborhood of the late leader a month ago. 

Presumed as the Chief priest to the late Gana, Lorlumun said he possessed a shrine from where he arranged charms with human parts and furthermore claimed a human blood bubbling pot from which he had the option to see the enemies of the late Gana and target them from his altar. 

Lorlumun, the Chief priest of the late Gana, was captured by the Four Special Forces Command of the Nigerian Army in Katsina Ala, following which he led soldiers to the shrine where he arranged incredible charms for Gana to work openly in Benue State. 

Talking with The Nation reporter in Tiv language at the Command Headquarters in Doma Local Government Area of Nasarawa State where he is held under watch, Lorlumun said he utilized his shrine to shield Gana from capture by security Agencies until he (Gana) willfully chose to come out from concealing just to meet his unfavorable demise. 

He stated: " 


My name is Ugbe Lorlumun. I am a harbalist and proprietor of an incredible shrine in Katsina Ala. 

"I used to prepared mystical power for the late Gana. A large portion of the individuals he captured were taken to the to this place where they were murdered and their body parts use in getting ready charms for Gana and his gangsters. 

"Each time Gana young men were going out for an activity, regardless of whether death, hijacking, banditry or some other type of crime, they would come to me to help get ready charms that could cause them to vanish from threat spots to safe areas. 

"I additionally have a blood-bubbling pot in my altar, which empowered me to see all the foes of Gana and their arrangements for him, and that assisted him with dispatching assaults on them." 

It was likewise said that between 2015 when the activities of Gana got to its peak and 2020, the Chief priest utilizing his blood-bubbling pot in the shrine guilded the late Gana in slaughtering the District Head of Mbayongo, Chief Aloo Alvev, just as the District Head of Michihe, Chief Chiahemba Livinus Shom, both in Katsina Ala Local Government Area. 

It was obviously with the assistance of the shrine that Gana had the option to slaughter Chief Awua Alabar, the District Head of Kundav in Ukum Local Government Area, who was gunned down within the sight of his relatives. 

Talking further, Lorlumun stated: "I am a native doctor from Katsina Ala LGA of Benue State. I used to get ready charms for Gana and his young men. As of late, four of his young men came to me and I arranged charms for them. 

"The other day, they returned to me and requested that I prepare a charms that could cause them to vanish in peril circumstances since I am a specialist in that. I can set up a charm that would cause one to vanish to a protected spot when at serious risk. 

"I revealed to them that they were too little to even think about carrying such charms, so I can't and they took steps to murder me. I was captured by the military while I was attempting to run for my life from the Gana young men." 

Lorlumum reviewed that with the assistance of his holy shrine and the charms, Gana constitued himself into a substitute government and appreciated the status of a greatest ruler in the wilderness. 

The central minister said he protected Gana from capture and the famous criminal utilized his shrine to run a sophisticated network of hoodlums in the Sankara geo-political hub of Benue State, involving Katsina Ala, Logo and Ukum LGAs. 

He admitted that from his shrine, Gana conducted his affairs in commando style and any test to his position was met with death as his blood-bubbling pot would find you. 

He stated: 


"We used to seize or kill individuals, slaughter them and utilize their human parts to plan mysterious forces, however some portion of his forces was likewise gotten from his little girl he Buried alive. 

"With my charms, which permit one to vanish freely, he made life terrible for the individuals and the individuals who handled the government interstate between Katsina Ala-Takum and Katsina Ala Zaki-Biam – Wukari in Taraba State. 

"At the point when he was pronounced needed, I prepared a powerful charm for him and no one had the option to capture him. He used to move freely in his base in Katsina Ala , Ukum and Logo, and most occasions, he would be in Gboko however those that were searching for him won't see him." 

He begged the military Authority not to execute him, saying that he had apologized. He said he just utilized his shrine to get ready charms for the late Gana and his young men however never participate in their notorious activities

The Commander of 4 Special Forces Command of the Nigerian Army, Major General Gadzama Ali, stated: 


"I might want to express that before now, it was incomprehensible that Gana's name would be mentioned among the Tiv, Jukun or Kuteb for dread that Gana, under the direction of his Chief priest, would see you in the blood-bubbling pot in his place of worship and his gangsters would follow you. 

"Today, I am satisfied to advise you that not exclusively did the activity of SFs (Special Forces) grab the central cleric, I am happy to disclose to you that the feared hallowed place has been wrecked to clean. 

"The central minister has been liable for planning charms for the pack, utilizing portions of the collections of hijacked people."

Content created and supplied by: Abrakablog (via Opera News )

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