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Herdsmen, Banditry Attacks, FG Knows Them And They Should Stop Them - Governor (Video)

The insecurity in the country keeps on bringing a discordant tune among the Nigeria leaders. It is becoming quite obvious that the ruling elite no longer see the issue of security under the same lens. This has overtime, resulted in allegations and counter allegations, accusations and counter accusations.

The level of insecurity in the nation has plummeted to an all time low. It has gotten to a stage that no one seems to be spared from the hands of the bandits, killer herdsmen,kidnappers and the Boko Haram terror. A sitting governor recently escaped death by a hair strand from them. Recently the entire country was and is still on the debate as to whether the minister of communication should resign noting his alleged affiliation to one terror group or the other. The Federal Government came out and stated that they stand with him amid what most people would call overwhelming evidence. No attempt to assuage people quest by initiating an enquiry or investigation of the allegations.

It is in the light of the finger pointing and allegations that the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, in a press conference accused or alleged the Federal Government of Nigeria of knowing the perpetrators of these terror acts and that they should stop them.

He made this statements in a video post from the Channels TV in their Twitter handle. The governor said the action or inaction of the government clearly demonstrate that they have adopted what the different terror groups are doing. He stated that "as far as am concerned, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP, ISIS, all of them are working towards the same goal in Nigeria". In his statement, it is the same Herdsmen that have taken up a new nomenclature as Bandits. He wondered why they have not been declared as terrorists despite various previous pleading, appeals and begging that "these people should be proscribed just like it was done to IPOB"

He notes that those IPOB have not done as much damage or involved in willful killing of people as much as the herdsmen. "What have these people (IPOB) done? Have they killed the number of people that these Fulani Herdsmen are killing", he asked.

He noted that they came into the state under the excuse that they want to graze their cattle and to get water, but when the open grazing law came into place, they would keep their cattle in the neighboring state and sneak in to wreck havoc, leaving stories of death at their trails.

He further stated that, though it was his prayers that God would protect his people from the herdsmen, the Federal Government knows them and they should stop them. According to him in the video, "But the Federal Government knows them, so the Federal Government should stop them"

Benue state have had and is still having a big chunk of insecurity in the country.

From the aforementioned, it is clear that the fight against insecurity is far from being won. The fact that the leaders are not in one accord as to the status of the herdsmen coupled with the fact that the Federal Government seem to be apologetic of these groups activities, makes the winning of the war an almost impossible task.

Further more, an act rewarded definitely would be repeated over and over again, treating the bandits, kidnappers and Boko Haram members with kids gloves is an ill wind that blows no one any good. How do you think the fight against bandits and Herdsmen causing insecurity can be won?

Watch the full video in the link below.

Herdsmen Attacks: Ortom Accuses FG Of Complicity

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