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Nigeria and Insecurity; The Possible Way Forward.

Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, we get breaking news of sad incidence happening across the country. No day passes by where we don't record a case of kidnapping or terrorist attack or even massacres which are all a result of insecurity in Nigeria.

The truth remains that Insecurity has eating so deep into the system and this has affected the entire populace.

In the recent past, especially in the post-colonial era, Nigeria has been described as the giant Of Africa. This wasn't just awarded to Nigeria but it was earned by Nigeria. That is to say that Nigeria was doing great in all sectors, including the security of lives and properties. There were fewer attacks on people, there were fewer kidnappings and killings, there was no insurgency of any kind.

Insecurity in Nigeria can be traced to so many factors, which include; Unemployment, Political Difference, Bad Leadership, Greed, etc. These factors and many others have contributed immensely to the growing rate of insecurity in Nigeria. A situation whereby the youths are not gainfully employed, the political parties are at cold war, the leaders exhibit laissez-faire attitudes, the people are regarded less, the people will result to violence and killings, just to meet up their expectations.

I am not trying to support the ills as they are orchestrated by the youths but if only they are been well taken care of by the government.

Recently, Nigeria experienced a very sad day. Critical insecurity issues were recorded and reported. In different states of the North, the East, and all parts of the country, there was a daily dose of insecurity cases.

It's expedient to say that, the Federal Government must have to seek lasting solutions (s) to this issue of insecurity. Honestly, the government has been overwhelmed by the situation, and surely, they need assistance. The Presidency should understand that this matter can't be handled alone and so, seeking help isn't a show of weakness.

The security of lives and properties is of utmost importance and is the major duty of any government, and shouldn't be joked with. Therefore, it is in my humble opinion, that I lay these probable solutions to the insecurity issues in Nigeria;

 1. Gathering Of Concerned Persons: 

The president should gather all the past presidents and heads of states, serving and former chief justices, present and past members of the National Assembly, past and present heads of security agencies, traditional and religious rulers, leaders of all sectors, and all who mean well for Nigeria, with no exception even to the International community. Not forgetting the aggrieved parties The gathering of these people and having an extensive discussion with them will yield a positive result.

The outcome MUST be followed with immediate action. This is not a time to play politics with the lives of the citizenry.

 2. Enthronement Of Justice and Equity: It's believed that some parts of the country it's been marginalized when it comes to dividend sharing. People from these areas are very few in most selective positions and appointments and this has caused a lot. The government should learn to evenly share the appointments across the six Geo-political zones for equity sake.

 3. Job creation: As of the first quarter of 2021, reported that up to 45% of Nigerians are unemployed. Every year, Nigerian Higher Institutions graduates millions of youths and these youths are sent into the world with nothing doing. You will believe with me that an ideal man is the devil's workshop. No gainfully employed person can think of committing any crime. And so, the government should invest in human capital development, construct companies that can employ the unemployed, and bridge the gap between crime.

 4. All politicians with personal interests should refrain, as their interests are inferring In the progress and security of the country.

 5. Fortification of The Security Personnel: The government should as a matter of urgency fortify the security system of the country. By fortification, I simply mean that the government should provide all the necessary ammunitions and modern gadgets needed. The training of personnel should also be considered.

The above-itemized remedies are what I think would bring lasting solutions to the insecurities in the country. Although it may not be wiped out entirely it remains an approach to solving the issue.

Content created and supplied by: Yagazierem (via Opera News )

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