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Watch The Video Of A Uniformed Police Officer That Boldly Preached The Word Of God

It takes boldness and Courage with the help of Holy Spirit for a man to come out openly to preach the gospel of Christ to unbeliever's.

In Nigeria is very hard to see a security operative coming out openly to preach the gospel of life with a uniform.

A young serving police officer, name withheld, under Abia state command took a bold step to move to the street of the state to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to world, He decided to use his uniform as a means to draw souls to Christ.

Many people condemned Nigeria police officers as set of people who can't earn a living unless through bribe, they have been labeled the most corrupt department in our security unit but this young Officer has changed that narrative by standing out to declare the good news of God.

While he was preaching, he stated that the state commissioner of police summoned him why he used his police uniform to preach, He explained to her, that is how I was directed by the God.

The commissioner said, I will not stop you because your preaching the Gods word but be ready to Answer the Inspector general of police anytime he call for your attention.

The video surfaced online through a popular gospel page on Facebook @1soaking channel.

Video link.

It is necessary we give our lives to Christ because the coming of Christ is near.

May you remain blessed.

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