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Stockholm Syndrome: The Condition That Makes Victims Develop Feelings Towards Their Captors

Many atimes we hear if victims of kidnapping, arm robbery, and so on and so forth, falling in love with their abductors, this may come as a surprise, to know that abused victims develop feelings towards their abuser or captor.

This particular condition is called Stolchom Syndrome, it is a psychological bond hostages develop with their captors during captivity, this connection can develop over the years, days, weeks or months of captivity.

The history of Stolchom Syndrome, can be traced back to 1973 by Nils Bejerot, a criminologist in Stockholm Sweden, he used the term to explain the reaction, hostages of a bank raid had towards their captor.

2 men held 4 people hostages for 6days after a bank robbery in Stockholm Sweden, after the hostages were released, they refused to testify against their captors and even began raising money for their defense in court.

Most of the people with Stockholm Syndrome, usually develop it as a form of survival mechanism. They might create this bond as a way to cope with the extreme and terrifying situation.

A person might be threatened or abused by a captor or abuser, but they also rely on them to survive. If the abuser is kind in anyway, they might cling to this as a coping mechanism for survival, and show sympathy towards the captor for this kindness.

People with Stockholm Syndrome often experience symptoms like;

. Insomnia

. Flashback

. Nightmares

. Confusion

. Difficulty trusting others

. Hostages sympathizing with their abductors

Some notable women who developed Stockholm Syndrome for their captors include;

. Patty hearst

. Natascha kampusch

. Mary mcelroy

This syndrome can also arise in situations such as;

. Abusive relationships

. Child abuse etc

People with Stockholm Syndrome, can gradually overcome it by talking with therapist who can help teach healthy coping mechanism to help such a person understand what happened, why it happened, and how to move forward.

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