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Things The FG Should Introduce In Order To Make Youths And Teenagers Lose Interest In Fraud

The way many youths in Nigeria are now partaking in fraudulent activities is something that the federal government should pay more attention on. What do you think the federal government can do about this?

The way the economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) are arresting and making these fraudsters face their punishments is commendable, but the rate at which teenagers are engaging in fraud is high.

This is a concerning issue and it needs to be addressed by the Federal government. Youth and teenagers should be shown more ways. with which they can succeed without partaking in cybercrime activities.

The way celebrities post expensive things online is not helping matters. Because of this, many Nigerian youths have decided to go into fraudulent activities so that they can also be rich and post expensive things online.

however there are ways with which the Federal government can decrease the rate at which young Nigerians are indulging in fraudulent activities online. Below are some of the ways.

Engaging in these fraudulent activities become stressful at a point. The only reason many youths prefer to do it is because it does not requires them to think more.

In order to solve this, right from school, students should be taught in a way that they will enjoy thinking and bringing up ideas whenever a problem pops up. When they start living on their own, they'll prefer using their brains to make money.

The reason why many youths and teenagers also engage in these fraudulent activities is because of there are not enough companies and unemployment rate is high.

The FG should solve this by building more companies, and opening employment windows for youths who are roaming about the streets looking for something tangible to do.

The federal government should also introduce empowerment programs that will keep these youths busy and prepare them ahead for the future.

Do you think the rate at which youths are engaging in fraudulent activities will decrease if these steps are implemented?

Content created and supplied by: Teeeeeehmoney (via Opera News )

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