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Emdee Tiamiyu, The Nigerian Man That Is Being Accused Of Betraying Nigerians To The UK Government

A Nigerian man named Emdee Tiamiyu has been trending since the evening of 23rd May, 2023 after a video clip from an interview he had with BBC went viral. A lot of Nigerians have taken to different social media platforms to rain abuses and curses on him after he made a controversial statement about Nigerians coming to the UK which a lot of people saw as exposing or selling out Nigerians.

Was he actually guilty of what he was being accused of or was he used by the BBC to create a particular narrative about Nigerians? Or could it be that he made such statement, so that people would attack him and he would seek asylum in the UK. And get a citizenship. In this video we are going to tell you what exactly happened and how it happened.

According to the Tiamiyu was seen saying that most Nigerians coming to the UK with student visas are not really there to study and don’t really need the certificate, he said that they were just using it as an opportunity to move to the UK and bring their family members, he also said that most Nigerians cannot really afford the 15,000 Pounds needed to study in the UK.

After the statement, Tiamuyu, who surprisingly went to the UK on October 2022 himself and was also claiming to be a “Japa-ship coach” who specialized in helping people move to the UK received a lot of backlash and insults on social media. A twitter space was opened specifically to insult and criticize him. Some Nigerians were in support of him saying he did nothing wrong, but a closer look at his twitter profile shows where he wrote, “In an abusive relationship with Nigeria.”

Some people, however said that he had always been a backstabber since his university days and during his NYSC days.

Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze decided to jump on the issue by inviting Tiamiyu on a live Instagram video, which lated for an hour where many people joined the live video just to insult him and said that he should have asked questions before granting such an interview. One Instagrsm user, who joined the live video, however said that the BBC just used him because the UK was aware of the number of people Nigerians coming into the UK and was already making plans to stop Nigerians from coming into the UK in large numbers.

Talking about how the BBC used Tiamiyu, it was said that they decided to grant an interview to him, so that he can say something bad about Nigerians so that they can use him as bait to push a false narrative, because the interview was more than 30 minutes, but only a few seconds clip was shown own the news.

Tiamiyu immediately agreed with him and said that if the whole interview was shown, maybe people would have seen the situation differently, because he was also helping some Nigerians relocate to the UK. He also said that the BBC was the one that reached out to him for the interview.

Another user immediately advised him to seek asylum in the UK, which just laughed about.

Tiamiyu on the other hand did not seem remorseful for what he did, even after all the insults people were throwing at him. He had earlier opened a twitter space just to mock people that were insulting him and said that he would send the names and pictures of anyone that insulted him to the BBC.

His interview was however compared to a similar interview held by Nigerian medical Doctor based in the UK, Dr Emeka Okorocha had with GBNEWS.UK, he argued that Nigerians students that bring their relations to the UK were just trying to help others benefit from the UK system. He also said that the Nigerian students are also contributing to the development of the UK and then go back to develop their country and that Nigerians are not even the highest number of people relocating to the UK. 

The next day being 24th May, 2023, Tiamiyu, however later apologized in another video for what he said in the interview he had, he apologized to people offended by the video he made. He said that if he knew that only a section of the video was going to be used, he would not have accepted such an interview. He claimed that he had been set up to take the blame for a decision made by the UK government. 

After Tiamiyu made the apology video, and also apologized on twitter, a lot of people had started showing support for him and saying the UK government had already made plans to stop Nigerian students from bringing in other people into the country that it was not because of what he said, A TVC News presenter (Mariam Longe) argued that many Nigerians were just angry and looking for who to take out their anger on.

So, guys do you think Tiamiyu has learnt his lesson and truly sorry for what he said, or was he just apologizing because of the insults he was getting? And do you think he will try to seek asylum in the UK.

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Source: Instagram.

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