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"My Mother Did Not Live Long Because Of Nigeria's Health Care System" - Lady Says

A Nigerian lady has taken to her Twitter handle to narrate how her mother died and the role Nigeria's health care system played. This Nigerian lady whose username is "Genevieve" said that her mother was diagnosed of what she did not had and she fed with medications to treat what she did not have.

Genevieve said that she watched her mother dying slowly and when they carried her mother to abroad for medical treatment, it was there they discovered that the organs were not having any issues initially but they have developed major issues due to medications she took for years.

She said that her mother was a fighter because she promised not to die till her and her little sister finish their secondary school. Besides, Genevieve said that her mother sent a huge number of children to school when she was alive despite the fact that she was given life assurance documents. The life assurance documents indicated the amount of years and had left.

Genevieve said that all what she has today and that of her little sister are rewards of their mother's efforts and sweat. She said that her mother would not have died if she had good friends and good health care in Nigeria. She said that her mother died 6 years ago and the memories still remain in her brain. She said many good things about her mother in the thread she made. Read the thread below.

What do you think about Nigeria's health care system? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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