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A Young Baby Fell From a 12-Storey Building But Survived, Checkout How it Happened

I can't imagine what it would have looked like if this baby had landed on a bare floor after a fall from such a high distance. Indeed, God lives and forever will remain God. Thank God for using a driver who don't even know the baby to save her life. 

Note: The picture of this baby have not been made available to the public. Any picture of a baby you see here is just from illustrative purpose.

According to a video posted on Linda Ikeji Blog, a young baby survived after falling from a 12-Storey Building. How it happened still baffles me, but it was a driver that contributed greatly to the survival of this child. Below is a screenshot showing the story building and the baby in it:

The driver revealed that he was waiting to deliver something when he heard a child crying and a woman shouting. He came out of his car and saw a lot of people screaming and also shouting all looking up. When he looked up he saw a little girl in a 12-storey building and her position was terrifying.

He scaled through the wall and noticed that the child might fall on a metallic roof if she slips from the balcony, and he decided to climb an electric generator complex near the wall. This driver could not stand firmly, but he still tried to stand there. Below are pictures of this driver:

When the baby slipped from such the balcony of the 12-storey building, this driver flung himself forward and held the girl before she could reach the ground. This is real and if you like to watch the video, click here.

This man have been tagged a hero and indeed he deserves it. While others were shouting, he made a bold step and this saved the life of the baby.

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