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Recent Photos Of the Amputee Lady Who Used To Hawk Bottled Water On the Street

Indeed money is good, if someone had told this amputee lady that one day she will be celebrated this way on her birthday, she wouldn't believe it.

Mary Daniel was born with her both legs until she was involved in a terrible accident that claimed the lives of both his father and mother.

And as a result of the accident, Mary's leg had to be amputated because she was badly injured in the left leg.

The sad events that claimed the lives of his parents happened when she was just 11 years old and since then the young lady has nobody to support her.

She even had to drop out of school due to her parents who used to pay her school fees are no longer around.

And to make her situation worse, she was impregnated by a man who abandoned and she had no option than to hawk bottled water on the street of Oshodi Lagos to help feed herself and her baby.

And it was during the period that she was hawking bottled water on the street that people saw her and started to have compassion for the disabled lady.

Before you know it, donations started coming in from many notable men in the country and one wealthy man even gave her the sum of N1million to start up a good business.

The recent favor that came the lady's way is that the Lagos State government has offered to take over the whole affair of the amputee lady.

Am not sure yet, but I believe it's another good Samaritan that offered to host a birthday party for the amputee lady on her 27th birthday.

Let's all help to make this lady's birthday a memorable one by wishing her a happy birthday.

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Mary Daniel


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