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2 Things To Note As Lady Who Did Hook-Up At The Age Of 15 And Was A Drug-Addict Becomes A Born Again

A lady took to social media to share her story on how she became a born-again Christian. The lady who is now a white-garment church member narrated the things she had done in the past before finally giving her life to Christ. 

She made a video mentioning the things she had done while she was in the world, and it got a lot of people amazed as they find it incredible to believe that someone who has done things like that can later repent. 

The lady made it known in the video that she started doing hook-ups at the age of 15. This means she was having an affair with various men. 

Image credit: Instablog

She talked about how she became a disobedient child to her parents. She also talked about her being addicted to drugs back then. 

She added that her husband who she later met was the one who helped her become a born again.

Below are two things to learn from this. 

1. It is never too late to repent.

There are some people who think that their sin is too much and too deep, and it is impossible to repent. That is not true. No matter what you have done in the past, you can always repent and ask for forgiveness as it is never too late to be forgiven. 

Image credit: Instablog

The bible even says that God’s mercy endures forever. This means that no matter how long you have been in the world doing all sort of unrighteous things, you can always go back to God.

2. Anyone can be used by God.

There are some people who think that God only focuses on the righteous people, and he had nothing to do with the unrighteous ones. That is not how it is. If God can turn Saul to Paul and use him for his works, then God can use anyone. 

Some people might have cast out this lady because of the things she had done in the past, not knowing that God has a good plan for her life.

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