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Young Men Caught On Camera Taking Their Bath In A Grave Yard With Red Clothe Round Their Waist

Money is the root of all evil and it has been confirmed by the holy Book itself. The Bible also said, money answereth all things and contradictory said it is also the root of all evil. These two assertion should teach us that caution should be the watch word. There is always a saying that "not all that glitters is gold".

A viral video of three men suspected by many to be yahoo boys though not confirmed has circulated the internet. The video captured three men who were seen taking their bath in a grave yard with water falling from the sky (rain). They put on red clothes round their waist while taking their bath. Red is not always associated to normality.

In the video, the men were also seen talking to themselves or probably performing some rituals as they continue to bath in the grave yard. This is the level men can go to make money. Men can do anything just to avert poverty.

There is a lesson to this video. The lesson is, money cannot take you anywhere. You make it here and die without taking it somewhere. Then if it is so, why do we kill ourselves just to make money. If it is the root of every bad thing we do, why not avoid the love of it and pray to God to help us to be contented with what we have? So not sell your soul because of money.

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