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After A Fuel Attendant Received Phone Call Next To A Fuel Dispenser, Read The Sign A Man Noticed

In Filling Stations there is always a sign that cautions people to not smoke, to switch off their mobile phones and car engine when refueling because sparks around the refueling area could cause an explosion

A customer who went to a filling station to buy fuel was surprised when he saw a fuel attendant receiving a call while selling fuel to customers

Facing the fuel attendant was a caution sign which read "No Smoking, Switch Off Your Engine, Switch Off your Phone"

The customer who was surprised to see the fuel attendant disregarding the caution video recorded the incident and posted it online.

The video has since generated mixed reactions. Some persons who reacted to the video blasted the fuel attendant for the mistake which he made while others dragged the customer for recording the fuel attendant doing wrong instead of correcting him

Some people also argued that a phone is not capable of triggering an explosion in a gas station and that the belief that it can is only a myth

Image of explosion used for illustrative purpose

How A Mobile Phone Can Trigger An Explosion In A Gas Station

Several research reveals that mobile phone signals are too weak to trigger an explosion but there are other ways in which a mobile phone can cause an explosion.

There is a possibility that a spark from the battery of a faulty mobile phone can ignite an explosion so it is best to always switch off your phone when refueling

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