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Dear Ladies! Please, Always Do This One Thing After Sex

Disclaimer : All Pictures Are Used For Illustrative Purposes

We now live in a dispensation where most immoral things are seen as normal. From cyber crimes, to rape, to mention but a few. Amidst all these acts, one still has to be very careful --- (especially when it comes to having intercourse with the opposite gender).

It is no longer news that having something intimate with the opposite gender is next to being a norm even when no legal actions have been done to really 'cement' the relationship between both parties. As this act is becoming so rampant, we are hereby advised by experts in the medical field to always use protection in order to narrow down the chances of being infected by one STD or the other.

I would like to believe that we are very much aware of the different types of STD's flying around now, so i would not dwell much on that. Again, we all know that there are different means/methods of protecting one's self from STD's for both parties (Guys and Ladies), but in this article, i would be emphasizing on that of the ladies, which is actually certified by medical experts.

In my opinionated view, for the ladies, it would be of a great health benefit for you if you can visit the rest room after every intimate act with your male partner! Yes! It is advisable to Always Try To Urinate after every intimacy.

Like i said earlier, this means of preventing STD's has been certified by medical experts, and one of them is the popular twitter influencer (@AprokoDoctor). "@AprokoDoctor" had taken to his social media (twitter) handle and butressed it.

In his tweet, he said, "Dear Ladies, after s3x, you need to urinate immediately". Why? Doing that flushes any bacteria that may lodge in your Urethra (where you pee from) this can help prevent you from getting urinary infections".

See Screenshot Of The Tweet Below:

So, to all the beautiful but ignorant ladies out there who doesn't know about this safety measure yet, there you have it. Be rest assured to give it a trial, as this method prevents you from being infected by any STD.

Which is why it is very much advisable to share this article to your friends and family! You might be saving a life by doing so!

Thanks for reading.

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Photo Credit : Twitter NG & Google Photos

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