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Lessons To Be Learnt From Food Seller Who Was Wrongly Accused Of Using "Dead Bodies" Water To Cook

The news of a food vendor who was wrongly accused of making use of water from "dead bodies" to cook to attract more customers have been making rounds on social media and the truth is there are many lessons to be learnt from the story. Well, the young lady who ignorantly and blindly spread the news has been pleading saying that she never intended to destroy the image of the food seller.

The young lady who falsely spread this rumour said she didn't verify it and yet still went ahead to spread it on her social media account. Well, the news went viral and the food seller took the case up. Well, it turned out the news were all false and the young lady who also patronizes the canteen was simply spreading false news.

The young lady who ignorantly spread this unverified news publicly apologised to the food seller in front of the town head but the food seller was deeply hurt. In one of the videos, the food seller told the young lady: "she has forgiven her and nothing will happen to her, but her creator won't".

Watch the videos here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

However, I must say that this story has taught me some lessons. The fact is the social media has become a powerful tool that can either help or destroy you. Below are lessons to be learnt from the story:

1. Do not spread unverified news because so many lives and businesses are at stake. I must advise that you always verify news before you ignorantly broadcast it. Note that such news could land you in big trouble.

2. We must understand that social media is a powerful tool that be should be used with caution, however, whatever you spread is seen by the whole world. So, the moment you spread unverified news that affects someone's image, then such images are difficult to rebuild.

3. Lastly, I advise that everyone should learn the act of not believing everything they see online because some of them aren't true.

in conclusion, this matter could have been worse if it wasn't intervened within the community.

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