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Road Accident

"Passengers Don't Pay Me Sometimes Because They Know I Can't Run With One Leg"- Mary Says

Mary Daniel, the One-Legged Hawker who has been trending online has taken her time to narrate her experiences as a Hawker in the streets of Lagos during an interview organized by Punch News.

At the start of the interview, Mary told us of how she ended up with one leg. She said that she was the only survivor of an accident which claimed everyone's life, with her parents included. That accident didn't only render her disabled but also made her an orphan.

She was just 10 years old when this accident happened in 2006.

She moved to stay with her grandmother who took care of her ever since the accident.

Mary narrated how her life has been as a sachet water hawker on the busy roads of Lagos. She said that she started Hawking in Asaba before moving down to Lagos.

Life as a Hawker has not been easy for her and especially with her one leg. She said that she can only sell sachet water to passengers of moving vehicles when there is traffic and not when the vehicle is moving.

Why does she sell this way?

Mary said that some passengers are cruel that they don't pay her after she sells water to them especially when the vehicle is moving. Obviously they know she can't run with her one leg to catch up with the moving vehicle and demand for her money.

She said that because of this, she doesn't sell to moving vehicles unless there is traffic. Her leg has really limited her to a lot.

She went further to say that after business, sometimes she sleeps in the Oshodi market and even mentioned to the interviewers that it's the place she is currently sleeping in as of the moment.

She went further to say that Hawking on the roads has been very dangerous for her. Because of her leg, she can't cross the road fast and she has almost been hit by cars several times.

Mary relies on this business to take care of her grandmother and baby who are in the village. She has to send money for their upkeep. This is what motivates her each day to keep hustling no matter how hard it is.

Source: Punch News

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