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After A Lady Used A Huge Stone To Smash Her Man's Rolls Royce Car, See What The Man Did Next (Video)

In this life, many people fight themselves including siblings, lovers, peers and so many others, it is not a new thing at all. And the thing that cause this fight between people is nothing else apart from disagreement and misundersting between the two people. This relates to a video which was posted in Facebook lately.

In the video, it shows a lady who smashed the windscreen of her man's car just because they were having quarrels between themselves. The lady carried a very huge stone and smashed it in the windscreen of her man's Rolls Royce car. After smashing the stone on the man's car, the man did his own back.

The man angrily carried the same stone and throw at the side screen of her own car. This lovers fight isn't the one of shouting at each other or neither is it a fighting of throwing fists at each other. This fight is a fight of the rich, people that have too much money. After smashing each others car screen, they will go fix it up and reconcile again if they want to.

As the man threw the stone at the windscreen of his lady, the lady hurriedly entered her car and zoomed off, although the man was still trynna smash the stone on her screen multiple times. But she zommed outta the scene. See the video here. This love thing sef, e get as e be sha. Please like, share and follow me up.

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