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Who was Nimrod the Bible warrior?

Nimrod was the son of Cush. He was also the grandson of Ham and the great grandson of Noah. Yes, the biblical Noah, the major character of the great floods that wiped off the world at the time. The Bible described Nimrod as "a mighty Hunter" (I'll explain this more) before the Lord, and began to be mighty in the earth. The name Nimrod means "to revolt", as historians believe he was the major character behind the Tower of Babel, as he had a reputation of being rebellious against God. Historians also believe that his main aim of building the Tower of Babel was to forestall another flood, so that the people can take refuge in the tower where another flood wouldn't get to. He also boasted that he will ascend the towers in order to reach God and take revenge against the Almighty God for killing his fore father's and his people with the flood.

As mentioned earlier, Nimrod is considered the leader of his people who built the Tower of Babel in the land of Shinar, though this is not emphatically mentioned in the Bible. His kingdoms were vast as he conquered people and places such as Babel, Erech, Akkand, Calneh, etc. (Gen. 10:10). Early Judaic sources believe that the king Amraphel, who was set at war with Abraham in Genesis, is none other than Nimrod himself.

Nimrod was described earlier as a "might Hunter" before the Lord, which historians believe could mean a man who made men turn against the Lord, because he commanded affront and contempt of God. As a grandson of Noah who was a bold man, Nimrod was also brave bold as he persuaded people and nation's not to acknowledge God. He made nation's believe that their happiness was not from God, but as a result of their own works. When the people wouldn't turned from God, he used tyranny to purnish them to forcefully turn from God. This would later put fear in people, who later began to worship him as their god, the people also became greatly dependent on him. His power grew to the extent he made his kingdoms believe he would take revenge on God for destroying his forefathers if he dared bring another of such floods. The nations, out of fear and seeing Nimrod's determination, had no choice but to bid his command into building the tower. Because of the great hands that were involved with the building, the tower grew so high at a very great pace. It's thickness was so great on all sides too. To be flood-proof, Nimrod ensured that the bricks were made of burnt bricks, cemented together with mortar made with Bitumen that water will not pernetrate.

When God saw their resolve, and to keep His words not to destroy the world again with water, He rather made the people to speak in diverse tongues so that they did not understand one another. This greatly hampered the construction and not long after the construction was halted completely. The city where the tower was built is today called "Babylon" as "it was there the confusion of language started". Read Gen. 10:8-12, Gen. 11:1-9.

Nimrod was also ascribed by historians as the founder & builder of the city of Nineveh.

I'll leave it here for now, but do you know the connection between Nimrod & the celebration of Christmas? Watch out for next Sunday's edition. Thanks for reading.

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