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The Pastor Who Disgraced A Lady For Exposing Her Body, Read What He Has Done To Another Lady Again

Pastor Chima seems to have waged a fight on indecent dressing and not many people agree with the way he is going about it

Just days ago, Pastor Chima made headlines following what he was seen in a viral video doing to a young lady whose dressing he considered indecent

In the video, pastor Chima forced the young lady to listen to his sermon on indecent dressing and after he was done, he made the young lady kneel in public while he prayed for her and before letting her go he gave her some money to buy decent clothes

Judging by the young lady's reaction one could tell that she was embarrassed and the onlookers who crowded didn't make things easier for her as they laughed

In another video that has been shared online, this same pastor Chima has done a similar thing to another lady.This time in a 0.56 seconds video Pastor China is seen accosting a lady wearing a bump short and a short shirt in public

"Do you know that as a woman this thing you are wearing is not good" Pastor Chima questioned the lady but she replied him saying there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed

Pastor Chima insisted that the lady was dressed in a seductive way and she argued that she was not. This got a lot of people's attention and they agreed that the lady was not properly dressed. She bowed to pressure and Pastor Chima led her to a boutique to get more decent clothes for her

Reacting to this video, some people have described this as harassment and not correction. They have also called for the arrest of Pastor Chima

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