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After this little girl saw her father's Obituary, check out what she did (Photos)

Death indeed is one of the painful thing ever to befall anyone, the void that's been created towards the family members, friends and loved one's is most times difficult to bear. Children they say are quite ignorant of certain happenings, as it was the case of an act done by a little girl who was surprised to find her father on a picture which was used for his Obituary. I came across a rather heartbreaking video which showed the beautiful heart, as innocence of a child, after she saw her father's obituary, and it touched me to share to you.

A family was just trying to lay to rest a man whose name was Mr Iyen Prince, according to the poster used for his obituary. The picture of the late 39 years old man was seen, all dressed in suit as it was posted on a black car. However, the late man's daughter moved innocently and quietly, after recognizing her father to where the poster of his obituary was on the car, and kept tapping him on the paper, while calling his name 'Daddy'. However, the little girl who seemed unaware that her father is no more, still didn't give up, as she went to the front of the car where a more larger photo of his obituary was posted on the car, and kept on tapping, calling her father 'Daddy'.

People who stood by her, all watched as they shared the emotional moment, as can be seen in the video below. This indeed shows the level of innocence young children have, as she was unaware that she will never get to see her father again. Many nonetheless took to react, as they broke with extreme sympathy over such act seen by the little girl. What a painful and emotional moment indeed. Don't forget to give this a like, share, comment and follow us for more interesting stories all around the world.


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