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Meet The Man Who Spent 68 Years In Prison (Photos)

Life as they say, is short which is why we must utilize every moment of our life in the best possible way.

On the 20th of February in the year 1953, a 15 year old boy who goes by the name Joseph Ligon alongside his colleagues went to a party. They got drunk and ended up making a terrible mistake. They robbed and stabbed 8 different people that very night. Two of the victims died while the rest were injured badly. 

Joe was arrested as a result of this and he faced trial where he was found guilty of the crime.

After he was found guilty, he was sentenced to life imprisonment which led to him spending most of his life in prison.

Ligon was supposed to spend his entire life in prison but in 2017, he was eligible for parole. Parole simply means that he would be allowed to leave jail for a while after which he must return back but he declined the offer.

Below is a picture of him in prison.

His attorney began to fight for his freedom because according to him, his client, Joe Ligon didn't kill anyone that night. Joe's only crime according to his attorney was stabbing people which he isn't proud of. The case was lost in 2020 but the attorney refused to give up. 

He later succeeded in bringing the case to the Federal court in November 2020 and luckily, he won the case.

Below is a picture of how he looks after spending so many years behind bars.

Below is how he looked when he was arrested.

Joe was finally free from prison in 2021 after spending 68 years there. He was sentenced to life imprisonment when he was 15 years old and now, he is 83 years of age.

I pray that God will intervene in your life the way he intervened in Joe Ligon's situation.

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