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Road Accident

Lagos:Nobody will blame me for not doing my job, I flagged him 5 times, he did not hear me-Flagman

It was stated two days ago that a tragic catastrophe between a moving train and a long bus occurred at the PWD Area in Ikeja, Lagos State, resulting in the deaths of six individuals and the injuries of numerous more.

After the crash, passengers in the bus who saw what happened claimed that the bus driver's stubbornness was to blame for the collision because they advised him to wait for the train to pass before crossing the rail tracks but he refused.

This morning's online edition of Punch Newspaper said that the day's flagman, who declined to be identified for security reasons, claimed that he flagged the BRT driver to stop more than five times but that he refused to do so.

The flagman declared, "I flagged him five times, but he did not hear me, therefore no one will hold me responsible for not performing my duty. A train was approaching quickly, and I kept waving the red flag, whistling, and shouting at the BRT driver to stop. However, he would not listen. You can now observe what happened."

He continued by saying that he would defend himself if called upon anywhere and that he always makes sure to come to work very early in the morning for his shift, but some of the drivers do not pay attention to him.

You will not believe this particular driver, who I flagged down to save his life, continued to drive past the crossing despite the warning, he said. "One day, one of the drivers even spat at me because I signalled him to stop to save his life. Simply put, I am upset that the BRT driver had passengers. I would not be in this much pain if it were just him.

Credit:Punch Newspaper

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