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Why the Keke Napep rider that was given N5k from the N500k he returned should be grateful

Recently, news broke out about a tricycle rider by name Mallam Tulu who returned 500,000 naira to his passenger after it was forgotten in his vehicle, and was rewarded with 5,000 naira only. A lot of people reacted that the money was too small with regard to the amount he returned, but here's a reason he should be grateful.

See link below:

There's no law that requires the owner to reward him.

While returning the man, he might have obviously had it in mind to get some tips for his gesture, but there's still a possibility that the owner of the money could have merely thanked him and left with his money. There's no law whatsoever binding him to give him anything from the money, but he probably did that out of his own appreciation.

The owner of the money probably has plans for it:

From the story, they came to purchase cows and probably made accurate plans of what they wanted to do with the money. This then means that even the 5000 naira could have played a key in whatever they want to purchase.

I know you may be thinking about what would have happened if the money had actually been lost entirely, but the good thing is that it was returned. We all just need to have this selfless spirit of doing good and not expecting any form of reward for it.

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