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"End Time Ram" - Reactions Pour in as an Unusual Ram Was Spotted at a Market in Lagos

The Muslim Eid al-Filtr holiday which marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated with Ram meat (mutton) by many Muslims.

As another Eid al-Fitr festival lurks around the corner, rams are seen on display in various markets all over the country. In one of these markets, a certain unusual ram catches the eyes of its beholders and left them bewildered by it's strange appearance.

A video of the ram was made by a surprised onlooker and this video quickly went viral moments after it came online. In the viral video which was shared on Instagram, the said ram was spotted with five horns on it's head, an exceptional trait for most bovine animals.

Watch the video here:

Ever since the video surfaced on the internet, it's been generating series of comments from Instagram users who seemed shocked by the existence of this rare creature.

Many quickly linked the strange ram to the end of time, referring to it as the "End time ram."

See screenshots of some reactions below:

Does this ram truly signifies the end of time?

I don't think so. Many horned animals like this ram (called Polycerate animals) has been in existence for centuries. The mystery behind their existence is not so much a mystery as it is science. These animals sprung into existence as a result of mutation, I.e, a change in their genetic makeup which can be passed on to their offspring.

In conclusion, Polycerate animals are as much a good source of meat as their two-horned counterparts.

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