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The Survival Story Of A Physically Challenged Tailor, Lucy Akogo

One thing I think people really need go be mindful of in life is being positive about themselves irrespective of the situation they are in. This statement will best be understood if you have come across a lady named Lucy Akogo. In this article, I will be unfolding the survival story of a physically challenged tailor named Lucy Akogo who lives in Abuja, Nigeria. Personally, I see her as a lady that transited from being mocked to being congratulated.

Photo of Lucy Akogo. Credit: BBC News Pidgin.

Some moments ago, a correspondent of BBC News Pidgin had an interview with a lady named Lucy Akogo. This lady's survival story captures good and bad moments. She recounted how she became physically challenged saying, "I was playing with my mates when I fell on my left hand."

Lucy Akogo revealed that after falling on her hand, she felt a sharp pain and the pain didn't relieve her until when the hand was amputated. The big question now is, "did she become depressed due to this?"Lucy fetching water.

Well, as humans, if she was not too happy with it, I won't blame her but this lady didn't do such. She said she lived her life on a positive note. Lucy Akogo ensured that her physical state didn't overpower her mental state. This was how he decided to join some apprentices at a fashion home during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) days. She said she faced many challenges due to her physical state. She recalled how people literally mocked her but now, they obviously patronize her. This is apparently because although she doesn't have two hands but the only one she has is being used to sew clothes. She currently uses a section of her mother's shop to display any clothe made by her.

This lady said sewing clothes has made her a physically-able human being. She said what helped her was the fact that no matter the bad comments passed on her by some people, she doesn't mind them. Rather, she lives her life the best way she can.

Dear esteemed Readers, what have you learnt from what you have read about this lady?

Article's Source: BBC News Pidgin.

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