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Dora Buenrostro: Meet the woman who killed her 3 children to get back at her estranged husband

Dora Buenrostro: the woman who killed her 3 children to get back at her estranged husband

Should I call it an alter reverse of the order of the universe, Women / Mothers are meant to give life to offsprings and nurture them to health and not to snuff the life out of them.

The story of Dora Buenrostro: The heart wrenching incident happened on the 27th of October, 1994 in the early hours of the morning precisely 6:30am when the 34 years old Californian mother of three Dora Buenrostro frantically ran to the police station stating that her estranged husband had appeared armed with a knife at her apartment and she was afraid for her children who were fast asleep.

About quarter of an hour later after arriving at the scene, the police found the dead bodies of the couple’s 9 years old daughter Susana, and 8 years old son Vincente in Dora Buenrostro's apartment as they were stabbed in the neck in their sleep and later that day their last child, 4-years old Deidra was found dead in an abandoned post office in the Lakeview section of Riverside County stabbed in the neck with a knife and ball point pen ( Authorities discovered Deidra was killed two days earlier). But No weapon was recovered at either scene.

SHE KILLED HER THREE CHILDREN AND FRAMED HER HUSBAND "FOR REVENGE": The estranged husband Alejandro Buenrostro was brought in for questioning together with Dora. The game changed when Authorities discovered she was exhibiting odd behaviors which was beyond the grief of a mourning mother of three murdered children. She was joking, laughing and talking of being tired.. After the questioning of Alejandro the ill spot light fell on her and she became no 1 suspect of the gruesome murder of her children. After witnesses from her neighbours, Dora Buenrostro was arrested on October 29th, 1994, for the murders of her three children.

THE TRIAL OF DORA BUENROSTRO: 13 Months after the ill fated incident exactly In November of 1995, a jury found Dora competent to stand trial, though the defense claimed Dora was not. Her case went to trial, during which prosecutors claimed that Dora had planned the killings not only to hurt her husband, but also to frame him and send him to prison all for revenge sake.

DEATH SENTENCE: She was convicted of murdering Susana 9, Vicente 8, and Deidra 4, on October 27, 1994. Plus Jurors said Buenrostro showed a lack of remorse when she testified during the penalty hearings. Still after her conviction of first-degree murder, she claimed that her husband was the real culprit. Dora was sentenced to death on October 2, 1998.

DORA'S MOTHER'S PLEA: Arcelia Zamudio Dora’s mother passionately plead and asked the jury to spare the life of her daughter. Witnesses from Dora's family members reported that they had seen recent changes in Dora and She had become more angry and distant leading up to the murders. Prosecutors claimed it was simply a matter of an angry spouse trying to get back at another. In December of 2018, Dora’s death penalty sentence was reversed, but her conviction stands .

Dora Buenrostro in 1998 at age 38.

Dora Buenrostro currently:

What do you have to say about this heart wrenching incident and it's final outcome... Do leave a comment in the comments section below.. Thank You and keep staying safe.

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