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5 Methods Fraudsters can Get Your BVN and BOD to Withdraw Money from Your Bank Account.

Fraudsters are using different information to withdraw money from people's bank account every day, one of the information they are using is Bank Verification Number (BVN). Who tells you fraudsters can't use your BVN to withdraw money from your bank account? My brother, it's very possible with additional information like Date of Birthday (BOD) and One-time password (OTP).

However, with BVN, BOD, and OTP, fraudsters can withdraw money from your bank account using different online platforms.

Here are five methods fraudsters can get your BVN and BOD to withdraw money from your bank account.

1. Some people put their phone numbers on social media, they can take your phone number from your social media, call you to lure you to give out your BVN and BOD by telling you that you have a problem with your bank account or ATM.

2. Fraudsters have different Email addresses that resemble banks' email addresses. They can use any of the emails to send you a mail to reply with your bank details.

3. Fraudsters can get your BVN and BOD from unsecured loan websites. Never apply for a loan from an unauthorized loan website.

4. Fraudsters can get your BVN and BOD on your lost phones, that's why it's not advisable to store your BVN on your phone.

5. Fraudsters can get your bank details from your disposed documents that contain your BVN and BOD.

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