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9years-old house-help hospitalized after Madam brutalized her for dropping her baby on the ground

Lord Zeus, a popular Nigerian Comedian and philanthropist, has taken to his Instagram page to share video of a 9- year- old girl who was badly molested and deeply wounded by her Aunty for allowing her baby to mistakenly fall off her hand.

He captioned the video thus;

" See what this little girl' s (Idimma by name) madam did to her simply because she mistakenly dropped the baby she was cradling. All these for dropping your baby, Idimma is not someone else' s baby she fall from the sky. She doesn't go to school, imagine being out of school at such young age(9 years old). "

" If you know that you can' t take care of another person' s child, send her back home, why ruin her? . She broke her hands and head with a pestle (aka odo) as if that wasn't enough she designed her body with an extremely heated hot knife. "

In the video, the young girl was seen lying helplessly on the hospital bed, with wounds and bruises all over her aching body. According Lord Zeus, the girl in question is badly maltreated and dehumanized by her supposedly Aunty. She doesn't go to school nor wear good clothing.

At such a young age, the Aunty beats her with hot Knife and pestle. In reaction to this, Lord Zeus has vowed to fish out the woman in question and her husband from wherever they are currently hiding, stating that he would spend his life savings to make sure the culprit gets a jail term.

The little girl is now in the ICT Unit of the hospital, and it has elicited several reactions from the public.

Source: Instagram

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