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Why do Nigeria always falter at World Level?

Not just we as Nigerians, why does Africa under perform when it comes to the World Cup? The farthest we have gone is the quarterfinals by three teams in 1990, 2002, 2010. Cameroun, Senegal and Ghana respectively. What about Nigeria? Round of 16 at best? It's too disappointing a statistics that makes me want to question our calibre of players or possibly belittle the AFCON title to the community shield level.

If we look at it carefully, different players spread out in Different national teams in Africa play in the best leagues in the world, from EPL to Bundesliga and we actually have good players that are stars in their game and know their onions. Talk of Wilfred Zaha of Crystal Palace, MAHREZ of Leceister City, Sadio Mane of Manchester City, Alex Iwobi of Arsenal, Chukwueze of Villareal among others, they are all talented players. Maybe we do have the talent after all.

Should I say we're less inclined to sports, football especially? Africa as a whole? I think so. We are not investing a lot in sports, we don't do much to widen our scope, we are cool with being the average. We don't bring up more talents. There's no drive even, that inspiration that will motivate more people to participate in this most reverted sports. We don't have the facilities, we don't have the equipments. The only country I can say are doing well in sport is Kenya and only when it comes to sprinting. Those are the only ones who have done us proud.

Only, only if we address this issue can we get better as a continent. And sadly, we're the underdogs in almost everything at world level. I mean everything. So there should be at least something we would get right. This really needs to stop.

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