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Four Players With 100 Goals For A Single Club In A Season

There are players in the world today who have been rated for their amazing performances, and looking at some of these players, we can readily mention Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The 2 of them are known to be among the top players, and with the best records as far as football is concerned; however, there are other players who have been doing exceedingly well in their respective football careers.

Worthy of note, we all know that the number of goals scored by a particular player is important to his football career, and that is how he will be rated among the top players in the world. Thus, from the records of different players in the top 5 European Leagues, we have players who have scored a total number of 100 goals (or more) for a single club, and that is one of the best things a player can do.

For those who know about football, you'll realize that it's not easy for a single player to record 100 goals for a single club, and as such, in a single season. Thus, among all players who have recorded 100 goals for their respective clubs in a single season, we will be looking at 4 players who were the fastest to attain that record. While we'll be looking at these records, we will see that one of these players has recorded the same achievement in 2 different clubs; that is, he recorded 100 goals in a single club in a season, and he has done the same thing while he played for another club; and that player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hence, we will be seeing the other 3 players who recorded same number of goals, and the number of games they played to achieve it.

• While playing for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo recorded his 100 goals after playing 105 games in a particular season, and by doing that, he became the fastest player to have recorded that number of goals with the number of games played.

• Luis Suarez also recorded his own 100 goals after playing 120 games when he played for Barcelona.

• Zlatan Ibrahimovic recorded his own 100 goals after playing 124 games in PSG.

• Van Nistelroy recorded his own 100 goals in 131 games when he played for Manchester United.

• And finally, Cristiano Ronaldo has now achieved the same record in Juventus after playing 131 games this season. This means that Ronaldo has scored 100 goals in a single season for a single club, and he did that in 2 different clubs.

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