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What Do Footballers Do When They Want To Use The Toilet While Playing?

One thing most football lovers always wonder is whether footballer answer call of nature on the pitch or not. As humans, there are several natural chemistry of the body we may never be able to control no matter how careful we try to be.

Footballers are trained individuals who are very conscious of their feeding and nutritions. This strict adherence is what mostly help them control their bowel movement. However, if there is any need to use the rest room, the footballer have a backing from the law.

We have seen many players run out of the pitch before in order to answer the call of nature but no one understood why they were running out of pitch. The law says that a player who needs to use the rest room should take permission from the match official who will allow him or her to leave the pitch for a short period of time. The stadium is usually built in such a way that restroom are closeby. The only disadvantage is that the team will play without that particular player until he returns.

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