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WWE: meet the undertakers son, vincent calaway

Undertaker has been one of the favourite fighter of the WWE fans all through the years, WWE presented The Undertaker as a dark figure who would send chills among the fans and wrestlers alike. He was dubbed "The Dead Man" He made his WWE debut in the 90’s, became an iconic/legendary figure in the industry as time passed by. Even after 25 years in the WWE, the undertaker is still a mystery, we know little more now than what we knew about him 25 years ago. His real name is Mark William Calaway, popularly known by his ring name The Undertaker, is a quiet, polite character who minds his own faces his own business on or off the ring. He is married to former WWE Diva Michel McCool in 2010 is the father of four children including his son, Vincent Calaway and daughters Kaia Faith Calaway, Gracie Calaway and Chasey Calaway. Calaway is an avid follower of boxing and mixed martial arts. Here is a sneak peek into the life of Mark Calaway. A rare pic of him posing with his son, Vincent

What are the chances of him being a WWE superstar like his father?

In an interview with Chandler Sorrells he answered that question. He answered "I'd say as a kid, definitely. You see it so much and you're just think like, 'Wow, how cool would that be?' In my eyes, it was like being a superhero. "As you get older, you get into your teenage years and kind of want to be independent, and find your own interests.

So, in my young adult life I steered away from [wrestling] and tuned in when it was necessary. "I went to Full Sail University and got my Bachelor's as a Video Game Artist, that's kind of the path I'm setting before myself. I'd like to, in the next five to ten years, be an artist for a team in a production company for video games. "Something I could put my 3D skills to good use and eventually own my own indie company.” So while his younger days, he would have chosen to be a WWE superstar.

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