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The rise of Nigeria youngster who is nicknamed the next Kylian Mbappe, he is from Oyo state.

Adewale Adeyemi

With over 180 million people, Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of football talents in the grassroots which is just unfortunate that the country cannot develop them the right to compete with the best in the world. 

That is the story of every youngster in the country willing to choose the round leather game as a career. 

Each of them has to go through difficult times in order to get access to training and exposure which can help them develop their skills. 

Also, that is the story of a young striker, Adesokan Yusuf who hailed from Oyo state and plays for one of the academies in the state, SC Primisport Lasora based in the state captain, Ilorin. 

Despite the difficulties faced due to the absence of his father (who is late), Yusuf joined the academy at a very young age with the help of his mother who supports the dream of his son to excel in football. 

The mother who was a game perfect during her school days in Oyo state has been supporting and raising her child alone since his father passed away while he was in Basic 2. 

During a screening organized by Kwara FA for the NFF-Zenith championship cup at the Kwara Stadium, the mother seeks the permission of the doctor while he was on the sick bed and personally brought him to the screening to try his luck. 

Due to this brave attitude from the mother, the coach of the academy, Coach Bello Lasora took him under his umbrella in order for him to realize his potential and make his mother happy.

"It was a huge motivation for me as a coach to do more on him so his mother will be proud of her courageous mind."

The striker who is regarded as the Nigeria Kylian Mbappe by his teammates due to his pace, dribbling skills, and intelligence with the ball is now realizing his dreams in Kwara state. 

Because of his amazing potentials and great attitude to succeed in football, the youngster attracted the scouts of the Kwara FA and represented the state in the 2015 Channels Kids Cup. 

Now regarded as one of the best growing talents in Kwara state, Yusuf continued his exploit at the Kwara Youth League - where he has notched 12 goals from 10 games to lead the scoring chart.

Although the youngster is not yet at the top of football in the world, he has been to get recognition in Kwara state and hopefully might get a chance to represent Nigeria in the future. 

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