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Will You Allow These Coffins To Be Used To Bury Your Mother or Father? If not why?

Africans have become specialists and experts when it comes to funeral matters. In Ghana Some families go and hire professional crier's during their beloved burial service to cry loudly. This is mostly done in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Carpenters have come out with extraordinary abilities in setting up a final resting place to offer final appreciation to somebody who is dead. Carpenters in Africa and around the world design Firearm coffin, shoe coffin, Cocoa coffin and others. Every one of these caskets have their implications and individuals get them base on the importance.

For instance if someone purchases a fish casket, it means he was a fisherman likewise if someone buys a Cocoa coffin it means he was a Cocoa farmer.

The following are a few caskets that have been designed by some carpenters, and they are stunning artworks however there is one specific one which overwhelms the brain. This final particular coffin has been designed in a masculinity path and in my understanding it's utilized for the ones who are adulterers. 

Seeing this designed masculinity caskets, will you permit your family to utilize it to cover your dad, mother or any family member. 

I figure a few people will acknowledge that specific casket to be utilized for a specific reason. Perhaps the dad didn't take care of him and his kin just as his mom.

Below are the photos.

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