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"We are not fighting to keep Nigeria, We are fighting to leave Nigeria." - Man rants in a video.

The saga between the Yoruba ethnics and other other ethnical group is becoming more alarming due to the separation of Yoruba's from Nigeria. The Yoruba's are aiming to fight for their right as they hope to form a peaceful nation in the Western part of the country which will be called "Yoruba nation".

Different People have been sharing their thoughts and opinions concerning the issue of the Yoruba nation. Here is the highlight of what a young man posted on his official Facebook page.

Earlier this morning, An unknown young man took to his Facebook page to shed more light on the ongoing issue between the Yoruba's and other ethnical group. In the video, the young man ranted that the Yoruba's are not fighting to keep Nigeria but they are fighting to leave Nigeria.

The young man instructed all Yoruba's to believe in themselves as they plan to separate from Nigeria. The young man also applauded all Yoruba's for their unity as they aim to leave Nigeria.

Here is the link to watch the video;

Here are some pictures of the unknown young man;

The passionate Yoruba indigenes are however sharing their thoughts and opinions concerning the video;

Let's take a look at some of their comments on Facebook;


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