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4 Prominent Footballers That Received Red Cards For Unusual Reasons (Photos)

1. Edin Dzeko

The Inter Milan Star; Edin Dzeko is first on this list, in 2016, while he was still at Manchester City, he was sent off the pitch for a very unconventional reason.

In a world cup match against Greece, the Bosnian star was heading for a goal just 10 minutes to the end of the game, when he clashed with Sokratis. He lost the ball to the former Arsenal defender, and couldn't get it back. Out of frustration, he pulled his shorts down.

It was a very unusual incident, as a result, he was sent off the pitch with a red card.

2. Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher is remembered as one of the best Liverpool defenders, he was very talented and dependable back in the days.

In 2002 during an FA Cup match against Arsenal, Carragher was sent off for an unusual incident.

Fans present at that match were angry as a result of some decisions made by the referee. Because of that, they started throwing objects into the pitch. A coin hit Carragher, and out of anger, he threw it back into the crowd.

He was shown a red card and sent off immediately.

3. Eden Hazard

Hazard is not known to have a quick temper, but in 2013 while he was still with the Blues, he did something very odd.

It was in a match against Swansea, Chelsea needed a win to qualify for the next round, so they didn't want to waste any time. But it seems like Hazard took the situation slightly too far.

The ball went out for a Goal kick, and the Belgian decided to get it quickly and hurry things up. Getting there, he discovered that a ball boy already picked the ball. After trying aggressively to collect it from the young kid, Hazard decided to use his leg on him.

He was immediately sent off for irresponsible behavior.

4. Neymar

Neymar has always been a fun player, back at Santos, he was sent off the pitch for a very weird reason.

The Brazilian scored a goal in a match against Colo Colo in 2011, to give his team a 3:0 lead. In celebration, a fan throw a mask for him, and Neymar decided to put on the mask in dramatic fashion, he wore it upside down, running around the pitch.

The referee in charge was not pleased, he immediately brought out the red card and sent Neymar off.

Source: Sportskedda, Wikipedia,

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