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Serie A

Here's what fans are saying about Douglas Costa after Juventus beat Lecce


Douglas Costa off the bench is an extraordinary weapon in this period. And he knows very well that he has this peculiarity quality.


Douglas Costa on the right

Ronaldo on the left

Higuan up top

Dybala behind Higuan

What a record!

Cristiano Ronaldo assisted Higuain And Dybala...

A reminder that this is the very first time a Portuguese will be assisting two Argentine players in the same match.

There are levels to being the GOAT.

Douglas Costa, #JuveLecce #Juventus Pjanic


Douglas Costa needs to get more playing time. Mehnn see how he changed the game



Juventus - Lecce: 4 - 0

Szczesny 7

Cuadrado 6

De Ligt 8 ⚽️

Bonucci 7.5

Matuidi 7

Bentancur 6.5

Pjanic 6.5

Rabiot 5.5 👎🏼

Bernardeschi 6

Dybala 8.5 ⚽️👍🏼

Ronaldo 8 ⚽️

Douglas Costa 7.5

Ramsey 6.5

Higuain 7 ⚽️

Muratore 6

#FinoAllaFine ⚪⚫


Omo if Douglas Costa was a Yoruba man, his name would be Bolaji cause damnn the guy sabi 😂


Despite his incredible technical ability Douglas Costa has never really been as a big a star as his talent would have indicated.

I wonder what tactical and mental deficiencies he has or whether it has just been circumstantial for him.


This is the Douglas Costa I love

This is the Douglas Costa Juve need

This is the Douglas Costa we get once every three months…..


Sadly we get to see this Douglas Costa only once in like three months.


Douglas Costa is brazy man, definitely juves second best attacker, easy on the eyes to watch aswell, I weirdly haven't seen a player comp of him since he played for bayern


Atleast we have some good options from the bench today, having Gonzalo Higuain and Douglas Costa is really good thing to see.

We also have Aaron Ramsey... 😉


How come Douglas Costa is NOT the best player in the world..


Douglas Costa with 7 take ons, 6 chances created, and 1 assist coming off the bench for Juve.

If only this beast could stay fit 😢


Douglas Costa completed more take-ons than every other player on the pitch combined (5) during Juventus 4-0 Lecce:

❍ 7 dribbles attempted

❍ 7 dribbles completed

He only played 38 minutes (and also created five chances). 🥴


Yep and Lecce was really gased. Douglas Costa really really changed the game


I think that's coincidental. He was doing decent work, but Sarri made the wide decision of converting a midfielder into another attacker, imo.


By numbers Ronaldo. By performance Douglas Costa who changed the game. Sarri did well today with the changes and timing of them

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