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Arsenal Break Two Records In The Premier League After Defeating Manchester City (Details).

Arsenal just defeated Manchester City in the FA Cup final, as it was an unexpected defeat.

Lots of people have boasted that Manchester City will be the winner, since they consider Arsenal a more weaker team compared to Manchester City.

However, Arsenal was able to defeat Manchester City with 2 to nil.

And as Arsenal won the match, they were able to create two great records in the Premier League.

Firstly, Arsenal is the only team to have reached a record of 21st FA Cup final.

This means that no other football club in the Premier League have reached the final of the FA Cup like Arsenal.

Secondly, after Manchester City was defeated, Arsenal automatically became the winner of the FA Cup, and this made them the highest holder of the FA Cup in the Premier League.

This means that amongst every other team in the Premier League, Arsenal has won the Cup the most, and this is a total of 13 altogether, which no other football club in the Premier League has been able to attain.

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